How to use the machine for effective massage?

One of the common medical devices in the family that is the massage machine. However, if you do not know the right way, the massage device will cause the opposite effect. When using the massage machine, users should note some problems.


Hand massage machine “cocoon” users

Massage machine only works relaxing in a given time. So should not be used continuously and abuse it. Absolute heart disease who do not use this machine. People with infections or skin wounds, sprains, arthritis or those who suffer from back pain … should also avoid use.

Beware of the cases medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, gout …). The harmful effects of abuse often silently massage machine not appear immediately to the user can be identified. So to avoid adverse effects, should not be used continuously for more than 30 minutes / times and more than 2 times / day.

Body Massage: should try at least 15 minutes.

As similar to massage chair pads, one best Massage chairs for full body usually have a lot of features, but the reality is we just use some of a series of such features.

If you want to massage the muscles in some parts of the body, you may need a chair to promote effective performance in that area. For example, its massage chairs Isymphonic is designed to focus on the neck and shoulders. Panasonic Pro Elite seats with side airbags in the arm that inflate and deflate to massage the arm.

Some other categories there are airbags in the leg and foot. Others incorporate the hip and buttocks. In addition, you will also want to compare the intensity or pressure of the massage. Some powerful massage chairs, others have a lighter pressure. If you plan to invest in a massage chair, you need to try the best for 15 minutes to ensure that the pressure and the right fit for your body condition.

However, there are some seats that allows users to adjust the pressure of the seat. Some people like to ottoman or extendable leg section allows feet to relax at the same time the body is the body massage.

Need the advice of medical professionals

You should check the warranty period of the seat and the conditions attached. A standard warranty should cover both parts and equipment and working efficiency of the seats. And finally, if you are looking to buy health care equipment, you should consult your doctor first. You need to be sure your condition is not bound by certain limits on the type or duration of massage.

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