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How to choose French Press

There are many different types and styles of a French Press coffee maker.  These simple and easy to use coffee brewing gadgets are popular coffee pots. A French Press coffee maker is made of many different materials.  Some are made of durable glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and others are thermal.  Are you in the mood for sipping a small cup of coffee or drinking a lingering mug of delicious fresh hot coffee  Choose the size that will fulfill your thirsting taste buds.  There are many drinking sizes to choose from.  You will find sizes that vary from 17 ounces, 4 cups, 8 cups, or more.strong

One of the most popular name brand French Press coffee maker is by Bodum.  In 1944 Peter Bodum started a family owned glass and kitchenware company in Copenhagen Denmark.  The founder’s son developed the first French Press coffee maker that was designed with a plastic frame in the early 1970’s.

Bodum is recognized for their quality glass French Press coffee maker. Chambord is one of Bodum’s leading contemporary classic style coffee makers.  Bodum Chambord has an 8 cup French Press coffee marker in gold color and is elegantly stylish.

This French Press coffee maker has a locking lid that keeps coffee aroma freshly sealed and prevents spillage. This device comes with an elaborate 3 piece filtering system.  The glass container is made of boro silicate glass which is great for changing temperatures.

The outside casing is made of stainless steel.  This model come in both gold and chrome colors.  This paperless filter French Press coffee maker, makes for a stronger better flavorful tasting coffee. Frieling is a different brand and they have also made an incredible French Press Coffee maker. The Frieling company with founded in New York in 1988.

The company has since moved it’s operation’s in 1990, to Charlotte, NC.  They carry a diverse consumer product line which has developed over the years from being a supplier to the hotel and restaurant industry to the retailing consumer.  Their heavy stainless steel French Press Coffee maker is luxurious.

This French Press coffee maker comes in 4 sizes. Their smallest container comes in 8 to 11 fluid ounces, then 17 to 22 ounces, next 23 to 28 fluid ounces, then the largest is 38 to 44 fluid ounces.  Some of the features of this coffee maker is it’s high quality polished stainless steel container and dual insulation.

Their French Press coffee maker is designed to retain fluid about 4 times warmer than a glass French Press coffee maker would.  The plunger is made of durable stainless steel and has readily available replacement parts.  The inside container wall is made of polished stainless steel.  This French Press coffee maker is durable, heavy duty and will compliment any table setting.

Le Creuset stoneware has made a ceramic French Press coffee maker.  Le Creuset’s collection stoneware is a collection of many colorful coffee makers.  Red, blue, orange and brown are the colors you can choose from.

With there Cafe Collection you can enjoy and express yourself while enjoying your favorite strong espresso, cappuccino or coffee.  To savory your favorite coffee drink you will want to place your coarsely ground beans in your French Press coffee maker and filter the coffee beans by plunging the beans through the hot water in the canister.

The high quality exterior helps to protect against damage, scratches, and cracking. The interior is made resist odor, flavor and staining.p

Your choice of quality, style and durability is up to you.  Shop for your favorite strongem French Press coffee makerem in your local housewares retailer, mom and pop shop or online retailer.

Who cares about price when there is so much value and demand for this gadget by a coffee drinkers and connoisseur all over the world.  Who would have thought the French press coffee maker would be so popular