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Like many other busy woman, you always feel tired when thinking about house cleaning. Always want a clean house, but did not want to move. If you move, to move so fast and convenient, the new Falcon.

Clean up the pole, but after the cleanup is complete, look at things clean, it feels more comfortable. The following tips super fast mother also helps save time and more interested in cleaning it, hi …Clean the wooden kitchen cabinets

1. Clean the wooden kitchen cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets so long will be dirty, dusty. The mother, mix 1 part 2 parts vegetable oil with baking soda powder, used toothbrush (old) applying the mixture to the stain, then use a damp cloth to wipe clean, as is.

2. Clean children’s toys

Children’s toys, especially small pieces normally attaches a lot of dirt, not good for young children. If cleaned one by one, it will take a lot of time and effort. The mothers leave them all in a laundry bag, then wash as normal machines. Then, simply dump them off a basket and dried in the sun.

About laundry bag, now on the market are selling laundry bags helmets, range 70 – 80k / piece. The mother used to buy washing toys, teddy bears … quite ok

3. Clean the iron with sea salt

The mother just sea salt sprayed on a cloth, turn the iron at the highest temperature (remember to turn off the spray if any) and then board up the salt layer. See salt stains will disappear automatically. Iron becomes clean and not worry mom clothes dirty dust will be ironing anymore.

4. intestines bleaching stain pillow

Guts knee or stain your house too. Do not know how to end it is to find recipes, hi. The mother tried to apply always decent. Just washing pillows with components under this recipe: 1 cup of washing powder, 1 cup of bleach water, ½ cup borax powder and very hot water, then rinse and dry. As new bright white knee.

5. Polishing of scratched furniture

Furniture for the mother if scratched and ugly, try to hit the ball back with a little vinegar and olive oil and see stars. Blend 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1/2 cup olive oil, dip a cloth into the solution and rub the wood surface. The scratches will disappear.

6. Remove the heat stains on furniture

If the mother inadvertently create heat stains on the furniture white, to eliminate them, the mother will need to use more than the heat and humidity. Moisten 3-5 towel and lay it on the stain. Turn the table is at the hottest temperature, iron on towel layers in about 15 seconds.

7. Clean upholstered sofa

To clean the sofa upholstery fabrics, especially velvet, suede cloth, plush snow, the mother needs a white sponge (type not fading) and alcohol. Pouring alcohol in a spray bottle and spray on to the surface are needed cleaning cloth. Then use a scrub sponge. To dry naturally.

I like this way to be able to clean suede fabric anymore. I have a few bags and suede shoes, so long pretty dirty dust without knowing how.

8. Clean the bathroom faucet

The mother just fresh lemon slice and rub it directly onto the faucet until dissolved dirt and achieve the desired gloss.

9. Clean the shower sen elected

To clean the showers handheld elected, the mother prepared white vinegar and a plastic bag. Pour the vinegar into the bag and tie it around the shower part elected, soaked for 1 hour. Then rinse with water. You see how fun and creative it disgusting.

10. Clean the tripod stove

On the gas stove, kitchen stirrups usually greasy dirty and most, when the mother cooking for a long time. But sometimes also need to look more aesthetically clean and cook tastier see, right? At this time, the mothers try to apply the following:

Pour 1/4 cup of ammonia in a plastic bag, for bowing to the dirty kitchen in the bag, sealed and left overnight. on the next morning, you should use a sponge or rag scrub, and rinse with water and drain. Your  mother will be surprised because not left a trace of grease does. hi

11. Clean wooden cutting board

Wooden cutting boards often save food smells very unpleasant. For example, the parent fish that get done cutting board to slice fruit that is entertaining  defeat. For me, cutting boards should always clean up.
Be prepared: 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 cup water, 1/2 fresh lemon, a little sea salt and a clean towel. First, clean the cutting board with a solution of vinegar mixed with water. Next, dip half a lemon into sea salt and rub all over the surface of the cutting board. Finally, rinse with water.

12. Clean the brush marks on furniture oil

Any mother with young children, it is quite useful tips nè. If she accidentally brush painting oil on furniture or the floor, do not worry because the mother can completely clean them.

The mother just put some toothpaste on the brush and oil stains, then use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Is finished.

13. Carpet Cleaning feathers

When it comes to “carpet” then make the mother has to imagine it often dirty and dusty “carpet” to what extent. Want carpet clean, the mothers try to apply this way: Spray the cleaning solution directly onto the stain, a cloth or towel covered up and used hot irons have until the stain is completely fly.

14. Polishing silverware

Salt and flour baking soda are two popular materials typically used in cleaning products at home. In addition, it is also a great mixture for polishing silverware home. Salt and flour mixed with baking soda 1/1 pro rata to clean the mother’s dental silverware.

15. Cleaning sponge washing dishes

How’s kitchen we can be washed clean when washing dishes with a piece of dirty, did not the mother? To clean, the mother just put them in the microwave and turned in 5 minutes. All the bacteria were “killed”.

But I have to note that before putting the sponge in the microwave, the mother should also “washing” it thoroughly with dish washing liquid

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